Adult and Teen Classes

Adult and Teen Classes

Programs run and operate all year long so you may join at any time.

If you would like to find out more about the programs available at Kaizen or have specific questions, please contact us online or call the Kaizen Judo Club at 519-570-0999.


This program, for students aged 13 – 65+, focuses on developing basic falling and conditioning skills necessary to participate in Judo. The intensity level of these classes is lower than the teen/adult Judo green belt and up on Monday and Wednesday. Students who participate in this class are gaining skills and upon achievement of Green Belt, have the option to move to the Training to Win classes with permission from your Sensei. Students in this program generally attend one to two times per week.


Students in this program have demonstrated the basic skills necessary to achieve their Green Belt and have been invited to participate in this more intense class. This class places an emphasis on developing very strong conditioning, strength and competitive skills. Concurrently, students in this class are preparing for competition, so the vast majority of this class is spent doing randori, the Judo equivalent of sparring. Students in this program generally attend two to three times per week.