FREE Intro to Judo

Would you buy a car without driving it?

Would you lay down cash for a shirt that you never tried on?

We wouldn’t, and we won’t ask you to do that here. Here at Kaizen Judo Club, we welcome the opportunity to educate the public about the wonderful sport of Judo so much, that we do it weekly, for free!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:00pm-5:30pm we welcome all kid’s ages
4-12 into our dojo (judo hall) to try as many classes for free by appointment only. For anyone over the age of 13, is more then welcomed to try any classes for free that we offer. We want to show you what Kaizen is all about!

Our Sensei’s will demonstrate various Judo techniques, explain how Judo became the preeminent martial art in the world and answer any question that you, the participant, may have. We’ll also teach you a technique or two or ten!

So, maybe you aren’t interested in joining right now but are just curious about the You can join any time you want because we are open all year long including the summer where we also offer summer camps. We don’t run our classes by seasonal session, why wait when we know how to teach anyone Judo whether your new or in the class.

Please call ahead to register your space for our Free Intro to Judo at +1 (519) 570-0999 or email us, or contact us online.