Our Facility

The Dojo
Kaizen Judo Club is located at 549 Lancaster Street West, between Golf’s Steak House and Bridgeport Road. We are easily accessible from the Conestoga Expressway and we are a 5 minute drive from Uptown Waterloo and Eastbridge.

Our 2000+ square foot facility holds two Olympic-size mat areas, change rooms with showers, a front desk area for customer service where we sell memberships, uniforms, merchandise or water, awesome spectator area where spectators have an overhead view of the mat area and best of all, a full equipped private gym for our members only. What a great way to workout and get in shape while your at our facility.

Most importantly, Kaizen Judo Club offers its students a state-of-the-art sprung floor, designed to minimize injuries and soften impact. Of course, we also love our climbing ropes, pegboards, crash mats and all the other various accessories that help students learn.

Unique to many martial arts facilities is our surround sound system that we like to use to play music to get students pumped up during their various training and workouts!

The Dojo