What is Judo?

No kicking. No punching. No problem.

Designed to be the “perfect sport”, Judo is a “holistic” martial art that, among other health benefits, can burn over 700 calories an hour, improves your mind, physical strength, balance, coordination, motor skills, and conditioning. Not only that, we teach it so that you benefit during your day to day life at school, work and home by improving confidence, focus, discipline, self-esteem, motivation, and success, by helping develop a greater sense of awareness of your or your child’s surroundings.

Why Judo… one of a kind martial art

The public has begun to recognize that Judo offers all the positive aspects of other martial arts; confidence, discipline, self-defense, agility, flexibility, focus—without teaching students to kick and punch or to be aggressive.

Instead students learn to avoid or outmaneuver their aggressor through escapes, avoidance techniques, leveraging, chokes and arm holds. (This is of particular use for self-defense for young women.) Judokas learn to subdue and control, not injure their aggressors. This is of particular relevance under our current legal system. Did you know that using too much force to defend oneself can result in charges being laid against you, the defender?

People of all ages are opting for the Olympic sport of Judo over other martial arts for the above reasons and because Judo, as with other Olympic sports, is structured and standardized through international, national, provincial and regional regulatory and governing bodies.

a sport – an art – a craft – a science – just plain fun – a discipline – a social activity – a recreational activity – a fitness program – self-defense – control – and for some, a way of life.