What we do…

Kaizen Judo Club is committed to serving the community by teaching the Olympic Sport of Judo in a way that is positive and healthy for individuals of all ages. Owner, 7th Dan, Sensei Bob Zettl is a highly regarded and qualified, NCCP Level Three Coach. Sensei Zettl is a former Junior National Coach, and Ontario Provincial Coach. We have numerous other high ranking instructors on staff. Please follow the Instructors link to read more.

The Kaizen Judo Club offers comprehensive Training Programs for adults and children with numerous other NCCP Instructors who many have been trained and taught by Sensei Zettl. All are dedicated individuals. Their wish is to help students of Judo learn the sport in a safe, enjoyable, and beneficial way.

Beyond Judo, we also offer the following:

In the spirit of continuous improvement…

Finally, a martial art & sport that honours individuals and their needs.
Finally, a sports facility designed for safety first.
Finally, a dojo with certified instructors, educators, and healers on staff.
Finally, a business run for families by a family.

Come and learn Judo, the Fun Sport with us.

Discover Judo, find out about Kaizen Judo Club, our instructors, our programs and more by clicking the links or by using our menu above.

Arigato (Japanese for thank you) for your interest.