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MISSION STATEMENT: Kaizen Judo Club is committed to serving the community by teaching the Olympic Sport of Judo, in a way that is positive and healthy for individuals of all ages.

Our instructors are the best in the region. Plain and simple. Why?

We have more Black Belt Senseis (teachers) than any other club in the region, many of whom are NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Certified. They also have to pass Sensei Bob's scrutiny for integrity, honesty, and kindness.

Sensei Wayne Erdman (7th Degree Black Belt)
Leading Sensei, Grappling Expert

Sensei Wayne Erdman, an inductee to the Judo Canada Hall of Fame as an Athlete, was a long-time training partner of Sensei Bob's. He is a recognized and accomplished Judo athlete and Sensei. We are pleased to have him as an addition to our teaching staff effective April 2008. Sensei Wayne's many notable accomplishments include Five time Senior National Champion, Pan American Championship Gold 1974, Pan American Games Mexico City Gold 1975, 1971-73-75 World Team Member, 1974 North American Open Gold, 1976 Olympian, Judo Canada Assistant coach 1981-84 & 1991-94, He served two terms on Judo Canada Technical Committee, one term as Judo Ontario council member, and is currently a member of Judo Ontario Grading Board.

Sensei Bob Zettl, ChPC (6th Degree Black Belt)
President/Owner, Director of Programming & Coaching D

Sensei Bob Zettl, a former Junior National Coach, former Provincial Coach who introduced Judo to Kitchener-Waterloo Parks & Recreation programming in 1978 and volunteered six days a week as a Judo teacher and coach for over 40 years. He is a past member at large on the Judo Ontario Board of Directors (16 years) and sits on the Provincial and Regional Black Belt Grading Boards. Sensei Bob is also a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) with Coaches of Canada. He still teaches 6 days a week and loves to coach all of Kaizen's competitors at tournaments all across North America (and even some in Europe, Asia and South America!)

Rainer Fischer (6th Degree Black Belt)
Executive Sensei

Rainer Fischer was a member of the 1976 Olympic Team. One of the highlights of his career was a gold medal in the 1975 Pan American Games. Rainer was six times Canadian Champion (three middle weight and three open weight) and was one of the first Ontario athletes to live and train at the National Training Centre in Montreal. Rainer opened the door for other Ontario athletes to move to the National Training Centre. Rainer holds the rank of 6th Dan.

Milo Jokic (6th Degree Black Belt)
Executive Sensei

Milo Jokic has been practising Judo for over 40 years now. He is a former National Yugoslavia Champion and a former National Team Member. Milo has many international medals to back his talent up along with a World Masters Judo medal. Today, Milo still trains, competes and coaches.

Sensei Barry Williams (5th Degree Black Belt)
Executive Sensei & Coaching Coordinator

Sensei Barry Williams has being doing Judo with Sensei Bob since age 7, is a former Canadian Champion, a 2007 Gold Medalist and a two-time World Police & Fire Games Silver Medalist. He also is a Gold Medalist at the Can-Am Police-Fire Games. As a firefighter he is a pillar of our community and he is also an all-around great guy. Check out his Judo muscles in the Guelph Firefighter Calendar.

Sensei Dave Thomas (4th Degree Black Belt)
Executive Sensei

Sensei Dave Thomas has been a Judo practicioner since 1958 where he started in Hamilton, Ontario under the guidence of Ishisbashi Sensei and Kawasaki Sensei until 1962. From there, he moved to Kitchener-Waterloo where he trained under Sensei John Hatashita and in 1966 Sensei Dave received his first degree black belt. Since 1976, Sensei Dave has taught and put numerous athletes on the National and Olympic team like Wayne Erdman and Rainer Fisher. Sensei Dave was also Sensei Bob Zettl's instructor when he first started Judo and helped Sensei Bob achieve many accomplishments in Judo. Today, Sensei Dave's most notable accomplishment was when he recieved his Yondan (4th degree black belt) in 1994.

Andy Zettl (3rd Degree Black Belt)
Director of Client Services, Curriculum Coordinator and Leading Sensei

Andy Zettl is proudly a member under Judo Canada's National Ranking Team in -66kg; he is the youngest person ever to win a National Championship, beating 14 and 15 year olds when he was just 12 years of age. He has also medaled at numerous international competitions in the U.S., Europe and South America. Now a graduate at Conestoga College in Police Foundations he is now pursuing further interest in Personal Training and Nutrition. He loves working closely with his father and will follow in Sensei Bob's footsteps one day.

Angela Meyer Sterzik (2nd Degree Black Belt)
Director of Women's Judo, Curriculum Coordinator & Leading Sensei

Angela Meyer Sterzik has been studying judo under Sensei Bob for over 20 years. She is an accomplished competitive Judoka who has earned ten provincial championship titles and many medal finishes at the national and international levels. Currently, she is a member of the Ontario Judo team for Nage No Kata. She holds an Honours BA in Recreation and Leisure Studies (specialization in Therapeutic Recreation), is a nationally certified coach, a college Professor of English as a Second language (ESL), a certified teacher trainer for future ESL teachers, and is a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics at York University. One of her specializations is Self-Defense for Women.

Tabitha Leifso (1st Degree Black Belt)
Associate Sensei

Tabitha Leifso, one of our younger Senseis, has just completed a degree in Police Foundations. She has been an avid Judoka since the age of 10 and counts Sensei Bob as one of her main mentors. She medaled at the 2002 Canadian National Championships and finished First on the podium at the Ontario Winter Games in 2002. She can also boast successful international competitive experience. Her next step is to fulfill her dream of being a police officer. We wish her good luck!

Roman Hatashita (5th Degree Black Belt)
Associate Sensei

Roman Hatashita has been a student of Sensei Bob's for over 20 years. He is a four-time Canadian Champion and proudly represented Canada at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain in 1992. He was also coached by his father, Sensei John Hatashita (6th degree black belt) and Sensei Wayne Erdman (7th degree black belt). Roman is the official distributor of Mizuno and other martial arts supplies in Canada. Check out the Hatashita Enterprises website.

Wayland Pulkkinen (5th Degree Black Belt)
Associate Sensei

Wayland Pulkkinen holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, and an M.Sc. Sensei Wayland authored an insightful book on Judo atheletes entitled "The Sport Science of Elite Judo Atheltes". He is a former National medalist and national team member. He is a past National Coaching Certifications Program Co-ordinator for Judo Ontario and past Chair of the Sports Science Committee for Judo Canada.

Paul Lobb (3rd Degree Black Belt)
Associate Sensei

Paul Lobb is a former National Team member, and International Medalist and US Open Gold Medalist.

Marijan Mehes (2nd Degree Black Belt)
Associate Sensei

Marijan Mehes is a long-time Judoka who has committed the past 20 years of his life to the sport of Judo. Now he is committed to seeing Kaizen Judo Club maintain its position as the preeminent Judo Club in the Waterloo Region!

Rebecca Zettl (1st Degree Black Belt)
Communications Director, Curriculum Coordinator and Associate Sensei

Rebecca Zettl used the focus and determination she learned in Judo since she was three years of age to earn an Honours degree in Organizational Communication at the University of Ottawa. After discovering how much she loved teaching through teaching Judo, she went to Australia to pursue a teaching degree. She is now certified through the Ontario College of Teachers to teach in Ontario's schools. Since returning she has worked in consultation with Sensei Bob to develop a reliable and accurate system of assessing the progress of Kaizen's Judo students, and has help to ensure that the quality of education here meets and exceeds the standards that children receive at Ontario's schools.

Heidi Sparkes (1st Degree Black Belt)
Associate Sensei

Heidi Sparkes is a long-time Judoka with an accomplished competitive history. She is currently one of our many Women's Judo Senseis. She's a professional massage therapist as well-clearly she understands the needs of athletes!

Black Belt Members:
Dave Thomas (4th Degree Black Belt), Leading Sensei
Patrick Lam (4th Degree Black Belt)
Richard Targosz (3rd Degree Black Belt), Associate Sensei
Erez Cohen (3rd Degree Black Belt)
Zachary Marshall (3rd Degree Black Belt)
Roman Abramovich (2nd Degree Black Belt)
Ed Spike (2nd Degree Black Belt), Associate Sensei
Nedjo Sarenac (2nd Degree Black Belt)
Dusan Sarenac (2nd Degree Black Belt)
Walter Aranton (1st Degree Black Belt)
Brian Fitzgerald (1st Degree Black Belt)
Ron Westman (1st Degree Black Belt)
John Vincent (1st Degree Black Belt)
Peter Kroll (1st Degree Black Belt)
David Devidi (1st Degree Black Belt)
Rocco Mezzatesta (1st Degree Black Belt)
Morgen McAlister (1st Degree Black Belt)
In Memory of Gordon Moffat (1st Degree Black Belt)
Aleasha Shyhinskyj (1st Degree Black Belt)
Stephen Young (1st Degree Black Belt)
Amy Gayman (1st Degree Black Belt)
Mike Stinson (1st Degree Black Belt)
Pat Yang (1st Degree Black Belt)
Ken Morley (1st Degree Black Belt)
Anthony Howe (1st Degree Black Belt)
Josh Konink (1st Degree Black Belt)
Reed Jackson (1st Degree Black Belt)
Steve Lowe (1st Degree Black Belt)
Igor Muskatblit (1st Degree Black Belt)
Eric Meger (1st Degree Black Belt)
Derek Alsop (1st Degree Black Belt)
Gary Purchase (1st Degree Black Belt)
Tim Bondarenko (1st Degree Black Belt)
Paul Nurse (1st Degree Black Belt)
James Smith (1st Degree Black Belt)
Iren Zalagenas (1st Degree Black Belt)
Morgan Williams (1st Degree Black Belt)
Dillon Lelievre (1st Degree Black Belt)
Robert Fukudome (1st Degree Black Belt)
Scott Weigel (1st Degree Black Belt)
Johnny Arba (1st Degree Black Belt)
Chris Rouleau (1st Degree Black Belt)
Chris Chapman (1st Degree Black Belt)
Kathy Hefferman (1st Degree Black Belt)
Johnny Montgomery (1st Degree Black Belt)
Phil Leeman (1st Degree Black Belt)
Chantalle Joyce (1st Degree Black Belt)
Alysha Doede
(1st Degree Black Belt)
Jenna Maurice (1st Degree Black Belt)
Rily Densmore
(1st Degree Black Belt)
Pratham Singh (1st Degree Black Belt)
Simon Roedding (1st Degree Black Belt)

Kaizen Judo Club: Run by a Family for Families

From our family to yours...

Bob, Dana, Becky and Andy Zettl have a collective 85+ years experience in the sport of Judo. Among them is a former National and Provincial Coach, a two-time Canadian champion and former Canadian National Team member, a Montessori teacher, and a certified public school teacher.

Kaizen Judo Club is very proud to count among its experienced and NCCP certified instructors, featuring Sensei Wayne Erdman, Shichidan - 7th Dan, Sensei Bob Zettl, ChPC, Rokudan - 6th Dan and Sensei Barry Williams, Godan - 5th Dan and many other certified Black Belts who deliver quality Judo programming to its students ages 5-75. Our curriculum was designed in consultation with Judo experts, as well as with certified school teachers.

Kaizen's family oriented activities that are held several times annually ensure that every member of the family is comfortable, engaged and involved.

The Evolution?

Kaizen Judo Club began as the dream of Sensei Bob Zettl, who after decades of volunteer instructing and coaching for a Judo Club affiliated with the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo Parks & Recreation programs that he founded in 1978, opened his "dream dojo" in 2003. With the help of many of Sensei Bob's students and their parents, especially Sensei Barry Williams, Kaizen Judo Club became a reality. Sensei Bob's wife, Dana has played a huge role in Kaizen's continuing success through her role as educational advisor and registrar.

Since our opening, hundreds of students have been taught by Sensei Bob. He is currently still teaching six days a week. His son Andy, a former Canadian National Judo Team member (and also a 3rd Degree Black Belt) will likely follow in his footsteps and is pursuing further education in Police Foundations, Personal Training and Nutrition.

Our Facility

Our newly-renovated 2000+ square foot facility holds two Olympic-size mat areas, change rooms with showers, a reception area, a small store and best of all, an awesome spectator area where spectators have an overhead view of the mat area.

Most importantly, Kaizen Judo Club offers its students a state-of-the-art sprung floor, designed to minimize injuries and soften impact. Of course, we also love our climbing ropes, pegboards, crash mats and all the other various accessories that help students learn.

Unique from many martial arts facilities, is our sound system that we like to use to play music to get students pumped up during their various Judo and cardio workouts!

Go on our Photo Tour to see more pictures of Kaizen Judo and Fitness Centre!



Arigato (Japanese for thank you) for your interest!


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